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We look forward to exhibiting your artwork at the Art Gallery@Prism. In order to complete the Jury process, we need to review your work online. On occasion, we will ask you to bring a sample in for us to review in person. 


We will be sending you an email invitation to upload your images via Google Drive into our Image Vault. We receive hundreds of images from artists with just a series of numbers. If the images do not have your name,, they may be misfiled so please follow the naming convention we have laid out for you below or something close.


Images: Due by Call To Artist closing

Please use our Image Vault as the process is seamless and safe. If you do not already have Google Drive on your computer, please upload it in order to send in your images, it is a FREE no charge app from Google.  If this is a problem, please send email message via our Contact Portal.

  1. After receiving your Artist Application, we will email you an invitation to a Google Drive folder with your name and the date of the show you are entering.

  2. Instructions should pop up for you to upload or drag-n-drop the image files into the folder. A popup will ask you to sign into your Google Drive and then open the folder that was shared with you from us.

  3. Now open the folder on your computer where the files you want to share are stored. Just drag the images you want to share and then drop them on to the folder we sent in your Google Drive account. You've done it! You are done!

  4. Prepare your files for upload by first naming them as indicated below.

Naming Convention:

  1. Please follow these examples when naming your files:

    1. Please label all jpg files: with your 1st initial, last name, title, size, and medium

    2. Examples: DSmith Wildflowers 19x12 oil

    3. Examples: DSmith RedstoneBracelet Jewelry  

    4. Examples: DSmith TahoeSunset 24x30 Photo

    5. No need to include framing in the size

    6. Submit the 6-jpg images representing your work to our Image Vault folder as directed above:​


  1. If you have any questions, please use our online Contact Portal:


We look forward to a successful show and thank you for your cooperation!

Art Gallery@Prism Coordinators



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